Mellow Bee

Mellow Bee is a moderately upscale women's boutique and home decor shop, mimicking the style of the store, Anthropologie. Inspired by nature and the trendy, boho woman, Mellow Bee is rooted in bringing back the "brown paper and string" style of customer shopping experiences. Just as bees in nature carefully take the time to pollinate each flower and build each hive, every purchased product is carefully wrapped and tie with string and gifts are packaged as uniquely as every beehive. With that philosophy in mind, Mellow Bee donates a percentage of profits to the Save the Bees Fund to help keep nature buzzing and many aspects of the store are designed to be recyclable and eco-friendly. Customers can enjoy a complimentary cup of tea accented with natures finest honey, to enjoy the mellow shopping experience the boutique offers. 


Project Challenge: Create a comprehensive brand including store signage, packaging, and store front design.